Panda Bear & Excepter Carrots/KKKKK
PAW13 split LP

Paw Tracks continues its sporadic release of split 12” records with installment number two featuring Animal Collective member Panda Bear and long-time NYC anti-music makers Excepter.

Panda Bear previews material from his upcoming solo record with the extended medley “Carrots." Sampled beats and sunshine harmonies dominate. It’s a musical 180 from his Young Prayer record.

Excepter expands upon their musical excavations with the piece “KKKKK”. There are five tracks within the piece, each one recorded live and edited later, each one chock full of dense dark Excepter-y goodness. Words are ultimately hard to come by for a band that is writing its own musical language.

Together these two whip it up mean, sweet and sour.

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