Animal Collective Here Comes the Indian

The Animal Collective have teamed up with Carpark Records to form a record label. The members of the collective (Avey Tare, Panda Bear, Deaken, and Geologist) now have a home base from which to communicate, and it is called Paw Tracks. Paw Tracks is the label of the Animal Collective. The first release is titled Here Comes the Indian. Expect much more. For the past 3 or 4 years, the Animal Collective have been creating quite an underground stir. Having already released over 5 records and with two successful US tours (one with friends The Black Dice) under their belts, the Animal Collective are now poised to significantly alter the popular music landscape. Their sound is everywhere and nowhere. Informed by the psychedelic freak-outs of 90s west coast isolationists like Caroliner and Sun City Girls, the emotional hooks and bursts of punk, the textures and structures of minimal techno (a la the Kompakt label), the earthiness of sixties utopians Amon Duul and Can, and the organic looseness of the best of the free and improvised music world, the Animal Collective simply cannot be pinned down. The Animal Collective are creating the new spiritual music for the 21st century: music that is aware of tradition without being tied down to it; music unconcerned with borders and definitions. Here Comes the Indian promises transcendence, intensity, articulation, and the sublime. A passionate and mind-altering new narrative has been unleashed.

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