Panda Bear
"You Can Count On Me" b/w "Alsatian Darn"

PAW2 Digital

And now comes the second in the series of 7" singles from Panda Bear previewing Tomboy the much-anticipated follow-up to "Person Pitch." The first 7", also entitled "Tomboy," sold out in an instant and this one is likely to follow that pattern, so make haste. A gentle duet between Noah and himself, "You Can Count On Me" glimmers with third world melodic overtones, an ethereal uplifting number that is over before you become too familiar. "Alsatian Darn" on the other hand is a much different creature... a slightly foreboding track with an off-beat melancholy chord progression that occasionally lets the light break through with a jaunty two-step, if ever so briefly. Both tracks were debuted at the recent Pitchfork Festival, so those with savvy internet search engine skills can probably find a "preview" if you so choose, but why spoil the surprise, eh?

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