Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti "Worn Copy" press page

PAW TRACKS - PAW 5 enhanced CD and Double LP


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ARIEL PINK’S Worn Copy is a piece of work.  Epic and grand in scale (seventeen songs clocking in over 70 minutes), Worn Copy is the history of popular music as revealed through the eyes and ears of ARIEL PINK.  It’s an impassioned combinatory view of popular and unpopular culture that takes in everything from THE CURE, R. STEVIE MOORE and AMON DUUL to forgotten episodes of THE GONG SHOW, IT’S YOUR MOVE, and WHAT’S HAPPENING?  Originally released in 2003 by the Rhystop label and now featuring a bonus video of “For Kate I Wait”, Worn Copy is re-seeing the light of day on the ANIMAL COLLECTIVE’S Paw Tracks imprint. 


  - Ariel Pink touring America this spring with the Animal Collective.

  - Press, Radio and Retail promotion by Fanatic Promotion.

  - UK press and radio promotion by Mutante

  - European Press by Dense

  - Ariel Pink playing with Daniel Johnston at SXSW this spring.

  - Advance promos/instore-play CDs and posters are available.



Trepanated Earth, Immune to Emotion, Jules Lost His Jewels, Artifact

Bloody! (Bagonia’s), Credit, Life in L.A., The Drummer, Cable Access Follies, Creepshow, One on One, Oblivious Peninsula , Somewhere in Europe/Hotpink!, Thespian City, Crybaby, Foilly Foibles/Gold, Jagged Carnival Tours


Release Date: April 19th, 2005

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