Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele

The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele

PAW 24 CD/LP  Paw Tracks  

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You may have heard of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele, a new pop musician from Oxford, Mississippi.  If not, youíll be hearing a lot from him in the coming year.

Dentís unique vocal style, part crooner, part falsetto, and 101 percent showman reflects the influences of some of his favorite singers (Prince, Serge Gainsbourg, and Lee Hazlewood to name a few). His love of various song styles results in a unique combination of ukulele, drums, pedal steel, violin, horns and bass. One second his songs hint at Brazilian Tropicalia, the next a Ď50s barbershop quartet or an early 20th century country swing. 

By integrating his favorite pop music from around the world and writing about what is in front of him (his town, his friends, and pretty girls), Dent takes the ďthink global, buy localĒ motto to heart.   He may just be one of the 21st centuryís first sustainable pop singers.

Animal Collective first heard Dent May when they were recording their new record in Oxford Mississippi in early 2008.  They quickly signed him to their Paw Tracks imprint and now we present his incredibly impressive debut full length, The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele.

With excitement reaching a fever pitch a new term has been coined:  Dent Maynia.  Catch it.

Bullet Points That Will Help You Understand Dent May A Little More:

-Dent May will be touring the world all of 2009 including SXSW

- Publicity by Force Field PR

- Radio Promotion by Terror Bird

- Dentís album was recorded in his double-wide trailer in Taylor, MS by Rusty Santos (who also recorded Panda Bear, Animal Collective, White Magic et al.)

- Visit Dent May on the internet at and

- Promo cds and posters available upon request

Tracklisting:  1. Welcome  2. Meet Me In The Garden  3. College Town Boy  4. Oh Paris!  5. Howard  6. Girls On The Square  7. You Canít Force A Dance Party  8. God Loves You, Michael Chang  9. At The Academic Conference  10. 26 Miles (Santa Catalina)  11. Iím An Alcoholic  12. Love Song 2009

Release Date: February 3rd, 2009

Dent May Bio:

Dent May writes and records homemade pop music in Mississippi, where he was born in 1985.† He began songwriting at age 12. The following year, he started a band called Flood, who covered Creed and 311 and sold homemade cassettes to classmates.† In high school, heavily influenced by Elvis Costello and The Cars, Dent fronted a power-pop band called The Rockwells.† Feeling like an outsider in Mississippi, he retreated to the Internet, where he spent his time soaking in pop music and culture from around the globe.

After dropping out of NYU film school, Dent founded Oxford, Mississippi's self-proclaimed "infotainment cult" Cats Purring.† Since then, his musical endeavors have included a debut LP of ukulele tunes on Paw Tracks, dance recordings under the Dent Sweat moniker, and a mysterious unfinished psych-country rock opera called Cowboy Maloney's Electric City.† He throws notorious DIY shows at his home, a former Boys & Girls club now deemed the Cats Purring Dude Ranch.†

Recent singles on Forest Family and Paw Tracks have found Dent abandoning the ukulele in favor of cosmic synths, funky guitars, analog drum machines, loopy bass lines, and massive vocal harmonies.† He played all the instruments on his new album "Do Things, which was recorded at the Dude Ranch and in a friend's rural cabin by a cotton field.† He has described the album as "Pet Sounds for the Smirnoff Ice generation" and "a wedding reception band on acid" via his Twitter account. "Do Things" will be released by Paw Tracks on 6/12/2012.